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Past KTM JUNIOR RACING participants are not eligible to apply.


Child must be age seven (7) or eight (8) years old on the day of the selected KTM JUNIOR RACING event. Birth Certificate is required for proof of age.


Due to the technical nature of the event and difficult obstacles, KTM North America, Inc. requires that all applicants have at least one year of competition experience. It is encouraged that rider includes links to photos and videos of the rider during a race to help validate racing experience.


Rider's height must be less than 54 inches. Nurse's Note required for proof of height.


Rider's weight must be less than 70 pounds. Nurse's Note required for proof of weight.


Riders must maintain above average marks in school. Report Card required for proof of current grades.


Both rider and parent/mechanic must be current AMA members on the day of the event. AMA memberships can be renewed and/or purchased online prior to event.


All AMA conduct rules apply to the KTM JUNIOR RACING Challenge.


Rider/family is responsible for travel to the event and any related expenses.


Rider must provide all safety equipment as required by AMA (helmet, boots, chest protector, kidney belt, goggles, etc.)


Riders are not required to be KTM riders/owners. Riders of any make/model are eligible.


There is no application fee; however, if selected, all participants must pay an entry fee of $300.00 to KTM North America, Inc.


Applications must be completed in full and all supplemental materials must accompany the application. Incomplete applications will be deemed ineligible with the opportunity to correct.


Completed applications must be received on or before the application deadline for the selected KTM JUNIOR RACING event. All participants will be chosen at random from the qualified applications received at that time.


Selected applicants will be notified within ten (10) days of the application deadline. The $300 entry fee must be received at least five (5) days prior to the selected round date to secure your position on the starting line. If the entry fee is not received at least five (5) days prior to the selected event date, the position will be considered forfeit and KTM will select another rider to fill the vacant position.


Parents/mechanics are required to act in a responsible, supportive and encouraging manner. High-pressure tactics, abusive actions or language, or unsportsmanlike behavior will result in disqualification of the rider. Entry fees will be returned and clothing, gear, etc. will be collected. KTM North America, Inc. and its staff reserve the right to determine what is "high pressure tactics, abusive actions or language, and unsportsmanlike behavior." All decisions are final.


In the event that a rider cannot fulfill his/her position to participate, KTM will reassign the position. You may not sell, transfer, or “scalp” your position to anyone else.


All video, audio, trademarks, or any other rights are the property of KTM North America, Inc. and Feld Motor Sports, Inc.


Use of video cameras or equipment at any KTM JUNIOR RACING event (on track or in stadium) is strictly prohibited by Feld Motor Sports, Inc. However, video and snapshot cameras are allowed in the pits.


KTM JUNIOR RACERS may not participate in any other riding activities during the race day.


KTM North America, Inc. reserves the right to add, delete, or change any rule at any time. All decisions made by KTM North America, Inc. are final.


KTM North America, Inc., and event promoters, reserves the right to determine who may or may not participate in the KTM JUNIOR RACING Program. While participants are determined through a drawing, there are exceptions.


KTM North America, Inc will not be providing any food or beverages during the event. Please come prepared with enough supplies to last your rider and family through the day.


There may be circumstances (such as weather, track conditions and safety issues) that may force Feld Motor Sports, Inc and KTM to alter the schedule, the course, or cancel an event. Feld Motor Sports, Inc and KTM reserve the right to adjust the schedule as they see fit.


Feld, KTM, and AMA reserve the right to eliminate or disqualify a participant if any of the above staff agree that a participant, including the participant mechanic, is not following directions or rules set in place, or if they agree the participant is a hazard or danger to other participants.


A rider and mechanic participation agreement must be signed and returned before the event.