Before you can fill out an application... We need to verify a parent or guardian is providing their consent and involved in the application process to the KTM JUNIOR RACING program. Sorry, but this is an important step to keep our younger athletes safe and keep parents involved. It's also required to comply with COPPA.
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NOTICE TO PARENTS To comply with COPPA (the Child Online Privacy Protection Act), we require that all children under 13 have verified consent from a parent or legal guardian prior to using KTM JUNIOR RACING.

What is KTM JUNIOR RACING? The KTM JUNIOR RACING program offers young riders from around the country the experience and exposure of racing in a professional setting along with promoting motorcycle racing as a family sport. The site allows riders to sign up and apply for one of the 10 races held during the Supercross season. In order for us to provide accept an application from your child, we may require you to provide certain information about him or her, including personal information as described below. COPPA requires us to obtain your consent before we collect, use, or disclose information about your child. Instructions on how you can provide this consent are provided below.

What Information Will KTM JUNIOR RACING Collect from My Child? When you register your child for the KTM JUNIOR RACING program, we will collect certain information including your email address and phone number and your child’s full name, address, height, weight, AMA # and date of birth. We will also require you to upload your child's report card, doctor’s note, birth certificate and resume. This information is collected strictly to determine eligibility for the KTM JUNIOR RACING program and will be permanently deleted if your child is not selected for the program or immediately following your child’s participation in a selected event.

To learn more about the types of information we collect and how we use that information, please read our Privacy Policy at

How Can I Provide Consent for My Child to Use KTM JUNIOR RACING? COPPA allows you to verify consent to your child's use of KTM JUNIOR RACING by making a nominal purchase with a valid credit card. If you do not provide consent to your child's use of KTM JUNIOR RACING they will not be able to apply to the program.

How Can I Access My Child's Information or Delete His or Her Registration? A confirmation code is emailed to you after successfully completing the registration. You can enter that code on to check the eligibliy status of your child and what information was submitted. If you would like to edit or delete your child's information you may request KTM JUNIOR RACING do so by emailing

Thank you for your understanding with this matter and sorry for these extra precautions, but we want to make sure you and your child have a safe experience on KTM JUNIOR RACING program.

If you would like more information on our privacy practices, please review our Privacy Policy at

Verify Now with a Credit Card

The fastest way for KTM JUNIOR RACING program to verify your consent is to "accept and verify a credit card number in connection with a transaction".
To accomplish this, we will have to charge a one-time processing fee of $1.95, which instantly verifies the account per COPPA guidelines. You'll immediately have access to the application.

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  I hereby provide my consent and accept the Rules and Privacy Policy.